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There is much misinformation in the world of plumbing. For instance, people believe that when you flush the toilet, the water moves clockwise in the southern hemisphere due to the rotation of the earth. The truth is that such a movement does not occur at all. The rotation of the planet cannot have an effect of that magnitude on the toilet. Other myths follow a similar pattern. They begin with a popular idea and then misapply it. A water heater is not an exception when it comes to misinformation and myths. Here are some common water heater myths:

A water heater can explode

This myth is based on the fact that anything that involves pressurized water or gas tends to blow up. This belief is wrong because the water heater has safety measures that shut the heater down or releases heat when pressure builds up. Therefore, a water heater cannot explode. Call up your local water heater repair company when the device rattles.

DIY water heater repair is straightforward 

It is not advisable to repair your water heater system on your own without consulting the professionals that know how to do it better. Setting up a new heating element may appear straightforward, but it can result in slow heating and dangerous leaking gas if you do not install it correctly. You might be tempted to engage in DIY water repair especially when you need the fix completed as soon as possible, but you should remember that the system is more complicated than it appears. Therefore, it is more reliable to call on local water heater repair company to help you fix issues relating to your water heater. 

Tankless water heaters are costlier than other types of water heater 

The fact is that the installation of a tankless water heater requires expensive venting. This type of setup depends primarily on the location where you prefer to install your system. One of the features of a tankless water heater is that it is highly efficient, allowing buyers to recover the installation cost over a few years. 

Tankless water heaters can produce unlimited hot water

Tankless water heater does not have endless hot water. It works by heating water on demand. Hot water emanating from the tankless system is in greater supply because the water is not coming from a tank. 

The answers above have debunked some of the popular myths about your home water heating system. Rather than believing a myth about the water heater, it is advisable to contact professionals to help you fix any problems with your water heater.

There are many reasons to put new windows in your home. You will reduce drafts from faulty-fitting glass and frames. You no longer will need to install and remove storm windows with the seasons. You might gain access to more comfortable cleaning options with tilt-in sashes. Your home’s curb appeal may benefit from the updated design. 

However, if your reason to change out the windows is to reduce your energy bill, you might not get the return on your investment for which you hoped. Before you lay out the cash, do some calculations to make sure you know what to expect.

The skinny on ROI

Modern dual-paned, thermal windows retain heat indoors two times more effectively than single-paned windows from ten or twenty years ago. The difference between a new dual-paned window and a single-pane with an installed storm window is only about fifteen percent more efficient. 

Your home’s exterior is the envelope in construction terms. Windows make up just a small portion of most home’s envelope since it includes larger items like exterior walls and the roof. Replacing your windows with new, energy-efficient ones may reduce your energy expenditures by five to fifteen percent. Since the average American homeowner pays roughly $1000 to heat and cool their home annually, a $300 to $1500 per window replacement cost could take a long time for you to see an equivalent return in energy savings.

Top dollar materials

If you replace your windows with solid wood versions instead of vinyl, you may find that they do not hold up as well since modern wood growing and curing practices means that the lumber is more prone to damage from the elements than a vinyl window would be. Although some wood windows come with an aluminum skin or cladding, and so last much longer, these are even more expensive, so your ROI goes down.

Repairing or renovating your existing windows may give you a better return since you can have the panes (glass) repaired when broken, cracked or chipped, and the glazing and sash refurbished. In particular, if your home is historic and has vintage windows, fixing them may be worth the trouble and prove to be near as energy efficient as replacements. 

When you sell

New windows may add just under 75 percent back toward increased value in your home, but not if you removed an original wood window that was part of the home’s architectural features. In that case, having custom wood replacements made will help to retain your home’s value.

Do repair any broken, chipped, or cracked windows or screens before placing your home on the market to give yourself the best chance for top dollar. If you have questions about replacing windows before you sell, seek advice from your professional real estate agent.

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MAKE AN OFFER>>>>OWNER SAYS SELL. DISCOUNTED PRICED BUILDING LOT IN AMHERST ..Large parcel in Amherst with many possible uses. Zoning allows for single family and limited residential agriculture, greenhouse farm stand and related business.Build your house here and have an amazing opportunity to farm your own land If you want exposure then this is the lot for you. Fantastic opportunity at a very affordable price to build your own custom home for less than 250K
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There is always that one tool in the home that one can't live without. A gadget or device which makes life much more comfortable. When it comes to cleaning home, this particular tool is something many people need.

Whatever the form of house you own, a handheld vacuum cleaner will make life much more straightforward. Whether it is a tiny flat or a massive mansion, these little cleaners would be an ideal method to deal with unexpected spills, and there will be no need to think about hauling a vacuum cleaner round. Anybody who has a cluttered home, a handheld vacuum cleaner can help you keep your house clean without having to lose your head in the process. Below is a list of six advantages of using a handheld vacuum:

Enough electricity

Suction power is a significant characteristic of almost any vacuum cleaning apparatus. So, an individual needs to be sure their handheld vacuum cleaner gets the same. As nearly all of them are modest in size and run on a battery, it might be absurd to expect a powerful suction out of canister vacuums.

You can come across a potent handheld vacuum for little cleaning tasks. A study on the purchaser's part is essential to opt for a handheld vacuum cleaner with higher amperage motors.

Compact dimensions

They are available in many sizes with a few that may even fit inside a pocket. Since it is simple to take around, cleaning tasks don't feel like a massive chore.This compact dimension is a fantastic advantage regarding space requirements, make it a little apartment or automobile, all these fit just nicely inside small closets and additional storage spaces. Taking way less than half of the storage area of a standard-sized vacuum cleaner, they are an essential instrument to store around.

Adaptive build

Considering those are handheld devices, they are easier to handle than a full-sized vacuum cleaner. Taking a full-sized vacuum cleaner and going around to wash up each small wreck such as spilled coffee, furry hairs, can be an intimidating undertaking, but not too much whenever the gadget weighs just a couple pounds.

Easy Use

A handheld vacuum cleaner is exceptionally straightforward to use. Because both of them are lightweight and compact, being simple to use, makes them an ideal accessory to be used by individuals of virtually all ages; be it children, adults or older.  Clean-up duty far more enjoyable this way.

Extremely mobile

Having stated that handheld vacuum cleaner comes in two distinct versions: Corded and cordless. Currently, the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is ruling the marketplace. The real winner is its portability feature.


By cleansing the furry hairs off the sofa to eliminating dust off the carpeting, there are a lot of items these handheld vacuum cleaner can reach.

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Affordable home in South Amherst. This colonial has four bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room and family room with attached deck. Both the front and the back yards are expansive with plenty of room to play. There is an attached garage that enters into the kitchen and has an entry and an exit door to the back yard. New septic installed in 2015.A little diamond in the rough.Some tlc will go a long way to making this home a gem
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